Primer and Painting Process

In the event that our customers request, the primer and painting process is applied to protect the surfaces of the products produced and to ensure their aesthetic appearance. This process usually consists of the following stages:

1- Surface Preparation

Before starting the primer and painting process, the surface must be clean and smooth. For this reason, substances such as dirt, oil, and rust are cleaned from the surface. In addition, if there are surface defects, they are repaired. It is prepared for primer or paint.

2- Priming

Primer is a substance that helps paint adhere to the surface better. Priming is usually applied in two coats. The first coat of primer is applied to close the pores on the surface and to ensure that the paint is applied more evenly. The second coat of primer is applied to increase the durability of the paint.

3- Painting

After the primer application, the paint in the desired color is applied. The paints we prepare with the Promix system are applied to the parts with the appropriate systems in the paint booth after the surface preparations and baking. Temperature, humidity, air speed, and time are controlled in the PLC-controlled paint booth.

The PLC-controlled paint booth is an important tool for increasing the efficiency and quality of the painting process. By controlling paint pressure, flow, temperature, and other parameters, it ensures that the paint is applied evenly and evenly to the surface. It also ensures the safety of employees with cabin ventilation and safety measures.

4- Tempering

In our company, all produced parts are subjected to 100% post-cure process. After tempering after primer, a paint post-baking process is applied once. In the baking process, the paint is dried at a certain temperature and time.

The primer and painting process significantly increases the quality and durability of the products produced in factories. This process also improves the aesthetic appearance of the products, making them more attractive."