3D Scanning and Measurement

Our company has been using 3D scanning devices for many years. Thanks to this, we can make precise measurements in part inspections, and we can create reports for our customers by making 3D scans for verification after our model and mold productions.

3D scanning and measurement is a technology used to digitally measure and record the shape and size of a physical object. 3D scanning is used to create a computer model of objects. 3D measurement is used to measure the size and shape of objects numerically.

3D scanning and measurement offers the following advantages:

  • Fast and efficient: 3D scanning and measurement is much faster and more efficient than traditional measurement methods.
  • More accurate: 3D scanning and measurement is much more accurate than traditional measurement methods.
  • Less complex: 3D scanning and measurement is much less complex than traditional measurement methods.

3D scanning and measurement has the potential to improve production efficiency and quality in industries, accelerate the product development process, and reduce design errors.